A Glimpse into Rx Drug Abuse Know Your Dose Education

Rx drug abuse and diversion is a growing epidemic in Montana, contributing to the deaths of more than 300 Montanans each year. The Montana Medical Association and its partners designed this four module course to help health care teams find the proper balance between providing appropriate treatment for patients while protecting them from opioid addiction.

This short video provides you with just a glimpse into the four module online Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction training.

This series provides valuable information for physicians and non-physicians who are involved in patient care concerning opioid medications. Physicians are encouraged to include all appropriate members of their teams in this training. The program addresses the problem on a state and national level, how to prescribe opioids and how to communicate with patients about the dangers of prescription drugs. Non-physicians who complete the webinar and a post-webinar evaluation will also receive a certificate of completion.

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Dr. Mentel, D.O. on Wake Up Montana in Missoula

On July 30th the Montana Medical Association (MMA), alongside the Department of Justice, Attorney General Tim Fox and local physician champion, Marc Mentel, D.O. announced the release of a Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction online resource center, “Know Your Dose”.

The announcement was made during a press conference held at the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana.  The discussion offered a local physician’s perspective on the prescription drug epidemic in Missoula, an overview of the problem statewide and an introduction to newly accessible resources. The MMA provided a look at the new “Know Your Dose” website, which is designed to build awareness of the public health crisis facing Montana and to offer a one stop resource for health care providers, patients dealing with chronic non-cancer pain and the general public.

Prior to the conference, Marc Mentel, D.O. spent a few minutes with Wake Up Montana in Missoula.

Dr. Mentel, D.O. on Wake Up Montana in Missoula2016-02-24T20:33:13+00:00
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